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Black Onyx Gothic Skull Octopus Pendant

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Sterling Silver Black Onyx Gothic Skull Octopus Pendant

  • made of high-grade 925 sterling silver;
  • complemented with a black onyx inlay;
  • pendant’s weight: 27 grams;
  • pendant’s size: 30 mm x 62 mm (approx 1.2” x 2.4”);
  • 3 mm x 20” leather cord necklace is included;
  • hand-made product.

Deep-sea enthusiasts will surely appreciate this original pendant depicting one of the most mysterious marine life creatures, the octopus. The octopus is said to be immortal because it has the superpower to grow severed limbs. Well, the skull, a long-standing symbol of death, emphasizes that life is impossible without death.

By the way, you can interpret the symbolism of our Black Onyx Gothic Skull Octopus Pendant in a different way. The skull is not only a symbol of death but also immortality (or rather, salvation from death). Combined with another symbol of eternal life, this pendant can become a talisman for people with a strong spirit and lust for life. In any case, it's hard to resist such an original, incongruous, and remarkable accessory, especially if gothic is your statement style. Moreover, the octopus is considered a mysterious and eerie creature, and this image ideally fits into the concept of Gothic.We made sure to showcase the octopus’ suckers in the most detailed way because this is its calling card. Instead of a real octopus head, this pendant features a skull with a large black CZ stone inlay. To make every element of the design cohesive, we finished the tentacles, the sockets, the nose, and the bloodcurdling smile with blackening. Taken together, this results in a highly detailed and eye-catching pendant that you'll want to look at for hours on end. One more noteworthy detail - our expert jewelers cast and polished this accessory exclusively by hand.

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