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Bandana Biker Skull Pendant

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  • crafted from 925 sterling silver and brass (bandana only);
  • hand-made pendant;
  • pendant’s size: 1” x 2 1/8” (25 mm 54 mm);
  • weight: 31 grams;
  • does not feature a necklace.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your biker friend (or if you’re a motorcyclist yourself), this awesome Bandana Biker Skull Pendant is impossible to ignore. It oozes an almost tangible biker vibe thanks to the right symbolism, the right look, and the right feel.

What is the best piece of jewelry for a biker? The one that depicts bikers themselves. With this in mind, we created this badass pendant. It showcases a biker in full fig – he wears a bandana and helmet. We couldn’t stop at this and introduced a couple of other much-respected biker symbols. First of all, this is not just a regular motorcyclist, it is a skull, a long-standing symbol of death, life, and everything in between. For bikers, it is a saint patron and a sought-after talisman. Secondly, this skull rider wears an Iron Cross on its head. It means a lot of things from rebelliousness and disobedience to courage and valor.

We are sure that every biker will come up with a few more meanings dear to his heart. Anyways, three prominent biker symbols in a single item are your perfect chance to stand out, so don’t miss it.This audacious pendant is made of durable sterling silver (please note, we made it by hand!). We carefully polished raised parts of its design and oxidized the recessed ones to add more depth and dimension. We also introduced a pop of color – the skull’s bandana is plated with brass, which yellowish hue beneficially emphasizes every shade of silver.

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