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Amulet Hindu God Ganesha Ring

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Amulet Hindu God Ganesha Sterling Silver Ring ~New

  • crafted from top-notch 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 stamp is found inside the band;
  • Embellished with green and red CZ crystals;
  • Ring’s face dimensions: 18 mm x 25 mm (0.7” x 1.0”);
  • Weight: 13 grams;
  • This ring is made by hand;

Want to invoke one of the most adored gods of Indian culture to become your patron? Then you cannot do without Ganesha symbolism. With Amulet Hindu God Ganesha Ring, not only do you pay homage to the deity loved by millions, but also you can rely on his kindness to bestow you with good luck and success.

When crafting this ring, we utilized the iconic representation of the deity. It has an elephant head, a broken task, a pot-belly, and four arms. In its hands, it holds laddu and a rope, the fourth hand blesses a believer. Ganesha likes accessorizing himself, and that’s what you should do, too. Of course, if you want to appease the deity and ask him to fulfill your cherished desires.Since Ganesha gives wealth, success, and material goods, we showcased his generosity in the ring’s embellishment. It carries vibrant red and green CZ stones that add a pop of color and simultaneously pay tribute to the exuberant Indian culture. With this ring, we stayed true to our philosophy of crafting jewelry by hand. We utilized attractive and durable sterling silver, which in hands of our talented silversmiths acquired the form and shape of a miniature masterpiece.

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