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All-seeing Eye of God Ankh Pendant

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925 Silver All-seeing Eye of God Ankh Pendant Necklace

  • Crafted from solid 925 sterling silver;
  • The back of the pendant caries 925 hallmark stamp;
  • Pendant’s weight: 3 grams;
  • Pendant’s measurements: 15 mm x 36 mm (0.6” x 1.4”)’
  • A 2 mm silver chain necklace is available at an extra cost;
  • Made by hand.

Our All-seeing Eye of God Ankh Pendant is a godsend for Gothic enthusiasts. A rugged combination of light and dark silver, millennia-old symbols, and a mysterious vibe make this piece a must-have.

The pendant displays the much-loved Ankh silhouette purposely aged to emphasize its roots going back to time immemorial. In Ancient Egypt, this symbol represented life, eternity, wisdom, and protection. Modern Ankhs still carry these meanings and, at the same time, they are associated with vampires and mystery. No matter which meaning resonates with you, an Ankh pendant is a worthy asset, especially when its decorative properties are hard to deny.

This pendant carries one more ancient symbol, The All-Seeing Eye otherwise known as the Eye of Providence. It stands for power, omnipotence, and the ability to see what’s hidden. Many people attribute it to freemasonry but it is much older than secret societies. This symbol is perfect for those who believe in conspiracy theories or seek protection from the highest powers.

We crafted this pendant from beautiful sterling silver lending itself well to blackening and polishing. We used both techniques to create a unique etched texture. This piece is made by hand so high quality and a touch of individuality are guaranteed. Make sure to add a 2 mm chain necklace to make this pendant wear-ready.

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