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925 Sterling Silver King Cobra Gothic Ring

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Cobra is one of the most perilous and intimidating snakes. A ring depicting this dangerous reptile means that you embrace your fears and draw your strength from them. Our 925 Sterling Silver King Cobra Gothic Ring is designed for fearless individuals who want to propel their style to further heights.

Cobra is an embodiment of jeopardy and menace but scratch the surface and you’ll discover so many hidden layers of meanings. In ancient Egypt, a cobra was associated with the afterlife. These snakes lived in the tombs of pharaohs to protect them in the other world. In India, cobra has long been considered one of the most sacred animals, and is a symbol of sovereign power. In the Buddhist religion, this snake is considered to be a protector or guardian. One of the Buddhist myths tells of a cobra who spread its hood to protect sleeping Buddha from the sun.No matter which culture describes cobras, they agree on one thing - cobra can both take life and save it. Its poison is used in medicine, and due to its ability to shed old skin, it became a symbol of eternal life. Therefore, a cobra ring on your finger can speak of you as a tough but fair and merciful individual.

From flaring hood to twisting body, we made this dreadful serpent of 925 sterling silver. The precious metal perfectly emphasizes the nobility of King Cobra. The shiny finish makes every scale of its curling body, as well as its menacing grin, clearly distinguishing. The animal that mesmerizes and keeps in thrall deserves the utmost respect, that’s why we crafted and polished it by hand.

  • cast in 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark stamped inside the band;
  • Ring face dimensions: 7/8” x 6/8” (22 mm x 19 mm);
  • Weight: 24 grams;
  • Made by hand.
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