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925 Sterling Silver Curb Wallet Chain

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925 sterling silver curb wallet chains ~New

  • made of 925 sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark is located on the clasp;
  • Features lobster clasps;
  • Weight: 135 grams;
  • Length: 23.5” (60 cm);
  • Link width: 12 mm;
  • Finished by hand.

Your biker wallet deserves super security. For the utmost security, pick our 925 Sterling Silver Curb Wallet Chain. Made of durable materials and featuring outstanding durability, it is the best physical protection for your wallet.

A wallet chain can’t be flimsy. Instead, it must be heavy, solid, hard to tear, and formidable. This piece has it all. With approximately 120 grams of silver, it is impossible to tear or break this chain with bare hands. Therefore, you can trust it to secure your belongings. We could have made this piece of stainless steel or other inexpensive materials but we know you want the best for your biker style, and the best is sterling silver.

The wallet chain is comprised of curb (Cuban) links known for their durability and beautiful flat look. Each end of the chain has a lobster clasp to get attached to your wallet and jeans belt. The chain is compatible with biker wallets completed with a special ring. Thanks to masculinity inherent in this item, you can use it not only as wallet security but also as a standalone piece of jewelry. It is so massive and eye-catching that nobody will dare to ignore it. Last but not least, we finished this piece by hand because we know you value an individual approach to silverwork.

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