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Gothic Christmas

Have Yourself A Gothic Christmas

Have Yourself A Gothic Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and it is an event which some people look forward to, and others do not. For some, it is a celebration of family and friends, whereas for others it is a religious time. And for a specific group of individuals, it’s a chance to change things up a little, and opt for a gothic Christmas decoration. But how would you go about doing such a thing?

How Do I Make My Christmas Decorations Gothic?

For a lot of people, making their Christmas decorations suitably gothic is a challenge, in part because it can go against the point of Christmas decorations. Decorations are meant to be bright and colourful, which isn’t something that a lot of gothic people will appreciate in quite the same way. Therefore, the best way to add Christmas decorations which are of a gothic feel is to introduce all of the items which you feel represent the gothic ideal.

Things like skulls are quite a popular choice, with one quickly being capable of taking the centre spot atop the Christmas tree. This makes for a more appealing alternative for decoration than a star or angel. Alternatively, you can always swap out the decorations usually found at Christmas for those items which are more akin to a gothic vibe, with things like bats and skeletons being firm favourites for actual tree decorations.

Skull Christmas

What you may also see is that people will choose to buy a white tree, and then spray paint it black, and then hang a series of tasteful gothic ornaments on the tree. This is the kind of creativity which gets away from the bright colours of Christmas and instead allows you to create a more gothic Christmas. There’s no limits to what you can do and the things you can create, as the entire point is to implement as much of the decorations which are relevant to gothic ideals as possible. You can get a gothic variant of everything these days, from darker coloured baubles to ornaments which are of classic gothic themes such as a variety of different skulls, in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Overall, making a gothic Christmas for yourself is not a challenging thing to do, but it is something that a lot of people struggle to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with trying to incorporate your gothic tastes into Christmas; it just involves a bit of creativity. You’d be surprised at the different ways you can replace all of the traditional Christmas decorations, and how you can easily slot in things like skulls and skeletons in their place. There’s nothing wrong with having a gothic Christmas, as you should always make sure that the decorations you choose to have are ones which represent you as an individual. With this in mind, having gothic decorations will ensure that you do have a unique decoration system in place. Skeletons and skulls will have application in all areas of your decorating, and painting a white tree to make it black will help to bring out that gothic vibe which we all enjoy so much.

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