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Light Brown Stomach Crocodile Leather Wallet

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Light Brown Stomach Crocodile Skin Men's Wallet! Light Brown & Black

  • Constructed from genuine crocodile stomach skin leather;
  • Two-tone finish: brown on the outside and black on the inside;
  • Bi-fold design;
  • Size closed: 4 3/8” x 3 ¾” (11 cm x 9.5 cm);
  • Provides 10 card slots and 2 bill compartments;
  • Hand-crafted wallet.

Crocodile leather is worth trying if you expect durability and allure from your wallet. Light Brown Stomach Crocodile Leather Wallet made by Bikerringshop is a designer product that benefits from the statement look of reptile skin, its durability, as well as high standards of craftsmanship.

This wallet provides the abdomen part of crocodile hide. It is soft, beautiful, and the most valuable. While most wallets have crocodile leather on the outside, this piece features it on the inside as well. This allows achieving unprecedented wear- and tear-resistance. After all, crocodile leather is more than 10 times stronger than cowhide. Besides, croco scale patterns will please the eye whenever you open your accessory for money.

The wallet provides an appealing brown finish for the exterior that accentuates every unique scale of the crocodile skin. At the same time, its interior is in a stylish black color. On the inside, it is comprised of 10 card slots and two bill compartments. This arrangement and bi-fold design make it very convenient and compact; you can easily rock it in your jeans’ pocket.

This piece is 100% handcrafted. We made it of ethically sourced leather supplied by crocodile farms.


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