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Silver Iron Cross Pendant

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  • Crafted from 925 sterling silver;
  • You can combine it with any silver or leather necklace (not included);
  • Pendant Size is 1” x 1 5/8”;
  • Weight : 10 Grams.
  • Cast from solid metal by hand.

If you are a true biker or masculine jewelry enthusiast, you won’t be able to ignore our Silver Iron Cross Pendant. From an iconic biker symbolism to polished silver finishing, it has everything you require from authentic biker jewelry.

We crafted this bad-to-the-bone pendant from sterling silver that is rightfully considered the best for jewelry making. Its lustrous polished surface blends in harmoniously with chromed motorcycle details. The coarse blackened Iron Cross stands out against the silvery rim it is enclosed in to catch even more attention. This piece is molded from solid metal to stand the test of time and give the pendant the required heft. Sterling silver won’t break or bend even if you wear this piece every day.The focal point of this pendant is the Iron Cross. It is a much-respected symbol in the biker subculture. The World War II veterans made up the first motorcycle clubs that confronted the post-war society. To show that they do not agree with the policy of the authorities, motorcyclists attached Iron Crosses to their clothes. Since the Iron Cross was the highest military award in Nazi Germany, it caused outrage in the society, but that was exactly what the bikers wanted. Over the course of time, Iron Cross jewelry has toned down its rebellious significance but it went down in biker history for good. Today, bikers wear Iron Cross pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets to manifest their courage, masculinity, and toughness. You too can look bold and brave with the Bikerringshop’s silver Iron Cross pendant.

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