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gothic winter clothes

Gothic Winter Clothes - Keeping Warm And Keeping In Style

When it comes to winter, there’s nothing worse than having to deviate from your preferred style of clothing for the sake of keeping warm. For a lot of fans of the gothic method, it is important that they find a style which matches their love of gothic. We’re going to be taking a look at a few ways that you can maintain a gothic look while still keeping warm this winter.

So, how do I stay warm and suitably gothic?

The key to finding ways to stay warm and gothic is creativity. While it is true that there’s an ever-expanding list of places from which you can get gothic clothing from, the set of options which you have to choose from is still somewhat restricted. Therefore, you need to think outside of the box. Thankfully, gothic fashion has one thing working for it, and that is that most of it come in black. Black, as we all know, is a colour which absorbs heat and retains it, as opposed to colours like white which tend to reflect it away from the body.

If creativity is at the heart of what you’re going to do, then it’s time to start mixing and matching with layers. Depending upon the type of gothic fashion you’re into, you might find that trenchcoats and big boots are the way forward. You may find that some people mix and match things like waistcoats and hoodies as and when they are needed, but it is all about making sure that you stay true to your idea of what gothic fashion should look like.

Gothic Clothes

Thankfully, you can take a lot of gothic clothing and improve upon it by adding accessories and jewellery to it. Skulls and skeletons are something which will fit perfectly with a predominantly black outfit, and will help to reinforce the idea that your gothic look. They’re dark, ominous and sinister, which are all things that goths will thrive on.

To summarise, to be a gothic in the winter is to combine multiple layers in such a way which stays true to the gothic ideas of fashion, but still allows you to stay sufficiently warm when you’re out and about. When the winter creeps in, it can be hard to try and stay dressed in gothic clothing without freezing and feeling miserable from start to finish. Combining multiple layers along with thicker clothing will help to protect you from the wind and rain, and you can always add your unique gothic twist onto clothing which isn’t designed for gothic people, and then you’ll find that it is easy to create a winter outfit which is still suitably goth, but also functional and warm. Jewelry is something which is easy to wear with any outfit and helps to add a unique twist to your attire. They’ll never be out of place within a gothic outfit, regardless of the weather, so they’re useful for maintaining your image while not getting cold.

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